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  • (Hyogo) -
    This is Umi's homepage. I like HarryPotter. If you are the same,please come! But this page is Japanese only...
    (high, school, girl, HarryPotter, DarrenShan, Water, Boys, Western, music, hobby)

  • (Aichi) -
    A bulletin board, a chat, etc.

  • (Okayama) -
    souyuh's ilust site.
    (souyuh, illust, original, pop'nmusic, harry, sm@p, material, JAVAgame, doujin, diary)

  • (Iwate) -
    This page is Interchange page.
    (hokuto, Interchange, Iwate, SHWP, FLASH, SW, HP)

  • (Tokyo) -
    coffee&soccer cafe style bbs auction floweressence daiary Haryy Potter blog
    (soccer, coffee, auctions, blog, flowerremedy, floweressence, aromatherapy, diary, mailmagazine, Harry)

  • (Hokkaido) -
    Sorry.This page is Japanese only. Now under construction to built English page. Wait few monthes.
    (movie, trailer,, harry, potter)

  • (Oita) -
    Welcome to Future Pilot's Homepage.
    (HarryPotter, pilot)

  • (Hiroshima) -
    Share's Home Page
    (girl, side, share, game, download, happy, comic, tennis)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    This site is for Japanese. Let's read Harry Potter with this site. You can find the meanings of the difficult words and sentences.
    (Harry, Potter)

  • (Gunma) -
    (Harry, Potter, Mr., Prince, of, tennis, Drren, Shan)

  • (Aichi) -

  • (Okayama) -
    Darren Shan, original, Harry Potter, manga, copyright illustration(oekaki) introduction! oekaki board, chat, BBS and guest book!! Janitor is Lui.Ankatsuki!!(I'm Japanese.) Please come to surely see.
    (DarrenShan, The, Saga, of, DARREN, SHAN, HarryPotter, manga, oekaki, WJ)

  • (Osaka) -
    sakura yuli personal home page!
    (harry, potter, sakura, startrek, Howl, angel, angelion, Super, Dollfie)

  • (Hokkaido) -

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Suigyoku Takatsukasa's HomePage
    (illustration, game, Suigyoku, Takatsukasa, novels, haruka, juunikoku)

  • (Aichi) -
    yonaru's home page.
    (yonaru, soprano, yonabeya, watatsumi, sango)

  • (Yamaguchi) -
    This is Emma Watson fan club
    (emma, watson, watoson, profile, harry, ron, hermione)

  • (Osaka) -
    Harry Potter etc...
    (TomFelton, EmmaWatson)

  • (Chiba) -
    It's Daniel Radcliffe's homepage!!Come and see this site!!
    (DanielRadcliffe, Radcliffe, HarryPotter, Daniel, Daniel'sprof, LetterToDaniel, Daniel'spicture)

  • (Fukuoka) -
    (harry, Potter, Darren, Shan, chat, BBS, book)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Book's report

  • (Fukushima) -
    Maruta's HomePage.
    (HARRYPOTTER, LORDoftheRING, LotR, Srius, Lupin, Harry)

  • (Osaka) -
    HarryPoter Dream novel page. This is a page,[Japanese]only.
    (Harry, Poter, Dream, novel)

  • (Ehime) -
    My websites has drawings,novels,and poems.I'm recruiting the reflextion of the drawings, the novels. Reprinting prohibition in my websites.
    (Original, Illustration, Novel, Poem, Aquarelle, Literature, HarryPotter, Rode, of, the)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    (HP, avex)

  • (Tokyo) -
    It is an illustration site.

  • (Kagawa) -
    Illustration.GRAVITATION,HarryPotter,BattleRoyale and original.
    (harry, potter, battle, royale, original, gravity, illustration)

  • (Osaka) -
    Darren Shan and Harry Potter Fan(art) Site . . .
    (HarryPotter, DarrenShan, Fanart, Original, WJ, PictBbs)

  • (Saitama) -
    books page
    (mystery, harry, battle, book, movie, potter, royale)

  • (Iwate) -
    The picture of original and a copyright secondary creation thing and a novel are exhibited. Harry Potter/12country histry and so on.
    (Illustration, Secondary, creation, Harry, Potter, Novel, Copyright, picture, 12, country)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    HarryPotter&original ilust&poem
    (harrypotter, ilust, song, poem, orijinal)

  • (Kanagawa) -

  • (Kanagawa) -
    (movie, video, SF, action, horror, suspense, drama, comedy, actor, director)

  • (Saitama) -
    This page have the counsel room and Harry Potter,Spitz,Mr.Children's room.
    (counsel, Harry, Potter, Spitz, Mr.Children)

  • (Yamaguchi) -
    emma's fan page
    (emma, watson, watoson, profile, harry, ron, hermione)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Harry Potter's Fan site
    (Harry, potter, Daniel, Radcliffe)

  • (Hokkaido) -
    sapporo, hokkaidou, Japan.

  • (Saga) -
    my art gallery
    (diary, gallery, text, bbs, link, mail, top, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Harry Potter game site.sorry,japaneese only.
    (Harry, Potter, bbs, game)

  • (Yamaguchi) -
    Yamato's HomePage
    (tamasii, yamato, takesi, game, seriea, yamatod, damasii, onnrainn, yoyuu, geppu)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Harry Potter's Fan Site
    (Harry, Potter, Harry's, News)

  • (Miyagi) -

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Net shop of the Harry Potter goods!
    (frog, chocolate)

  • (Chiba) -
    It is the comprehensive network shop of a book and CD-DVD media.I also do acquisition and sale of an old book etc.
    (BOOK, publication, BOOKSTORE, HarryPotter, comic, NEWLY, OLDBOOK, BESTSELLER, BUSINESS, StarWars)

  • (Saitama) -
    (Fortune-telling, HarryPotter, spell, POPUPimage)

  • (Hyogo) -
    Renta's Home Page
    (ring, harrypotter)

  • (Chiba) -
    chibimaruko's Home Page & juhnikokki's Home Page
    (chibimaruko, piyo, juhnikokki, cursol, icon, harry, potter, tarepanda, illust)

  • (Chiba) -
    This is zeb's website. zeb loves A.Rickman, Liam.Neeson, E.McGregor, Cinemas, Harry Potter, Travel and UK!!
    (aran, rickman, liam, neeson, ewan, mcgregor, harry, potter, uk, dictionary)

  • (Saitama) -
    illust harry potter drawing
    (Harry, Potter, Severus, Snape, illust, painter)

  • (Gunma) -
    wellcome!! This site are original, Jyu-nikokuki,KiNG of BANDIT JiNG,etc...

  • (Chiba) -
    this site is very intersting!
    (DARRENSHAN, DarrenShan)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Harry potter, Darren Shan and Hunter Hunter Illust, CG, game page
    (HarryPotter, DarrenShan, CG)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Rio's Home Page! Harry Potter and My Album. Sorry, the page is written in Japanese only.
    (Rio, Harry, Potter, Flower, Mountain, Flight, Training, Yokohama, Japan)

  • (Saitama) -
    movie etc.taylor's page
    (harry, potter)

  • (Kochi) -
    raika's HomePage
    (eva, HarryPotter, ARMS, 337, SW)

  • (Gunma) -
    This HP is Japanese only
    (japanese, only)

  • (Kagawa) -
    this page is GRAVITATION an oficial site.
    (satire, gravitation, harry, potter, br, bad, luck, n-g, nittle, grasper)

  • (Chiba) -
    Aya Misono's Original Comic Illustrations Gallery.
    (HarryPotter, Fantasy, TheLordoftheRings, FanArt)

  • (Kagawa) -
    original illustration comics harrypotter work illustrator
    (illustration, harry, animated, graphics, computer, original)

  • (Tokyo) -
    The illustration center site and game of an original thing. Other novels also have.
    (Illustration, Novel, OriginalGame)

  • (Osaka) -(2002)
    This page is junl free. Its main content is Harry Potter. Please come and enjoy!
    (HarryPotter, Quiz, Novel, Diary, Strange)

  • (Kumamoto) -(2002)
    original illustration,design,manga
    (boys, air, choir, libera, harry, potter, hanson, angel, voices)

  • (Osaka) -(2002)
    This is so good Jewely for you.

  • (Chiba) -(2002)
    Yukiya's Home Page

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    noah's Homepage Sorry,this page is Japanese only. Harry Pottar & Soccer
    (CG, M216)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    I talk about Christchurch,English school and Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire
    (English, Newzealand, Christchurch, Harry, Potter, School)

  • (Nagano) -(2002)
    this page is harry potter fan's page. chat & bbs.
    (Harry, Potter)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    Kirika's Home Page Harry Potter Only
    (Harry, Movie, Illust)

  • (Ehime) -(2002)
    Harry Potter fan's slash site.I love Lupin&Sirius&James!
    (Lupin, Sirius, James, Potter, slash, fan, Snape, rily, picture, CG)

  • (Ehime) -(2002)
    My websites has drawings,novels,and poems.I'm recruiting the reflextion of the drawings, the novels. Reprinting prohibition in my websites.
    (Original, Illustration, Novel, Poem, Aquarelle, Literature, HarryPotter, Rode, of, the)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    Miduki'sHomePage tatikawa,tokyo,japan
    (illust, MidukiJun, princeoftennis, harrypotter, thelordofthe, rings)

  • -(2002)
    Harry Potter Mania
    (harry, potter, harrypotter, mania, harrypottermania, movie)

  • (Chiba) -(2002)
    Do you know? Your video cassette can display Dual captions, maybe. This system and effect is recommended by US government and so many educational organizations.
    (video, movie, Ha, rental, English, tsutaya, harrypotter, harry, potter, sale)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    yamamiyuki/chrnocrusade/haripota irastsait
    (yamamiyuki, chrnocrusade, haripota, reveryearth, tokinodaithi)

  • (Okayama) -(2002)
    Toshihiko's HomePage! Love'sHarryPotter!!!
    (HarryPotter, harry, potter)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    Sayaka Minazuki's HomePage.
    (fictitious, illusion, harry, potter)

  • (Hyogo) -(2002)
    cute! lovely! gallery!!
    (cute, lovely, annpannmann, gallery, GALLERY)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    HITOBITO-NET is the community which Pleasant talk about knowledge and experience of everybody, and can consult.
    (community, mail, communication, interaction)

  • (Osaka) -(2002)
    The main is Harry Potter's fan site and has the narration about things various, and the page of a movie.
    (HarryPotter, text, movie, Riddle, HarryPotter'sFansite)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    (HarryPotter, doll)

  • (Saitama) -(2002)
    My HP name is saintdieu This homepage is introduce for L'Arc-en-Ciel & Harry Potter
    (saintdieu, L'Arc-en-Ciel, music, CHEMISTRY, yokan, game, dieu, saint, Harry, Potter)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    The main own composition CG illustration about this page The type is the original, FINAL FANTASY and HARRY POTTER and so on. Besides, the paint BBS and web dorama.
    (harry, fantasy, dorama, photoshop, gallery, cg, illustration, paintbbs)

  • (Fukuoka) -(2002)
    Sorry! Japanese only.

  • (Shiga) -(2002)
    Kiichigo's Home Page
    (original, story, comic, illustration, graffiti, ChihiroOnituka, HarryPotter, game, marker, coloredpencil)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    Let's go to Fairyland, and finds many fairies. You should enjoy and get the kowlege of fairies.
    (fairy, game)

  • (Hokkaido) -(2002)

  • (Mie) -(2002)
    This page is novels, such as the original novel and ogiwara noriko work which the student of mie prefecture living is making, and HARIPOTTA, and an individual fan page of juvenile literature. The author of each work, a publishing company, etc. are not related at all. Moreover, the original novel etc. is written. Although it is a childish page, I think that worth of a glimpse is a certain thing. Please surely come.
    (Akeno, HarryPotter, NorikoOgiwara, Comma-shaped, bead, trilogy, Tin, doll)

  • (Aichi) -(2002)
    Do you love emma?
    (emma, emmawatson, emma-watson, emma)

  • (Kumamoto) -(2002)
    (gallery, harrypotter, illustration, words, original, cut)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    noah's Homepage Sorry,this page is Japanese only. Harry Pottar & Soccer

  • (Chiba) -(2002)
    This site is displayed only in Japanese. I forbid the unapproved duplicate of all the pictures in this site, and unapproved use.
    (Cat, Harry, Potter, Stone, Dinosaurus, Photograph)

  • (Chiba) -(2002)
    There are many bookstore. Some shop deal with books written in English. How about reading?
    (book, Harry, Potter, jbook)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2002)
    Harry Potter!
    (Harry, Potter, book, read, buy, inter, net, cheap)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    we are netshopping store.we have starwars goods(mask,item),planet of the apes goods,harry potter goods,character costume,japanese yokosuka jumper(dragon embroidery pattern) and japanese nurse costume.
    (PLANET, OF, THE, APES, STAR, WARS, Darth, Vader, C-3PO, BATMAN)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2001)
    Welcome My Homepage! This site name is Digital cinema club! for All movies lover
    (MOVIE, BBS, VIDEO, CINEMA, chat, harrypotter, actress, database, link)

  • (Chiba) -(2001)
    Harry potter,Game,Original
    (Harrypotter, pop`nmusic, Origenal)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2001)
    Japanese Harry Potter fan page
    (Griffindoor, Harry, Potter, Ron, Hermione, illust, oekaki, Japan, book, Slytherin)

  • (Ehime) -(2001)
    Mainly, the picture is a home page in the center. There are a novel and a poem and so on, too, in the others, too. It thinks that it wants to make material and so on, too. The mutual link, too, is to be. You come!
    (Picture, Novel, Game, Original, Poem, Cat, Harry, Material, Night)

  • (Shizuoka) -(2001)
    japanese only.harry potter fansite.
    (harry, potter, game, cg, fan)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    Introducing new release,such as Harry Potter,Richard Scarry,Eric Carle...
    (Harry, Potter, sesami, miffy, Teletubbies, Disney, Maisy, LEGO, Pooh, SPOT)

  • (Shizuoka) -(2001)
    This site is Japanese TVGames(Tales) and books only. I make book,letterset you can buy. My illusts and novels is on my homepage.
    (Tales, B'z, GLAY, GLAY)

  • (Chiba) -(2001)
    Hiyo Hinaidori's Home Page.Harry Potter.Stone.Dinosaurus.Cat.Photograph.
    (Cat, Harry, Potter, Stone, Dinosaurus, Photograph)

  • (Saitama) -(2001)
    The novel of J.K. Rowling, the private fan site of harrypotter
    (harrypotter, j.k.rowling)

  • (Hyogo) -(2001)
    Welcome AsakaMukai's illustHomePage!!
    (illust, Harry, Potter, comic, fantagy, girl, novel, character, desain)

  • (Toyama) -(2001)
    Harry Potter Fan art site!
    (Harry, Potter, HarryPotter, Noriko, Ogiwara, Tales, of, Phantasia, So, Mauo)

  • (Hokkaido) -(2000)

  • (Chiba) -(2000)
    Glass crafts, illustrations and essays.
    (glass, crafts, illustration, essays, England, HarryPotter)

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