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Word(s): @={leukemia}

  • (Tokyo) -
    Japanese Online drugstore
    (Rogaine, minoxidil, FUSAFUSA, regaine, Headway, Propecia, Proscar, finasteride, riup, baldness, lose hair, ikumouzai, alopecia, hair, increase, usuge, drug, shampoo, Diflucan, viagra, cialis, celebrex, z-max, sale, drugstore, personal import, Gleevec, Glivec, Xenical, meridia, Reductil, Obestat, fasten, diet, diet system 6, drug, gennryou, HOLLYWOOD 48HOUR MIRACLE DIET, EMS, Hypericum perforatum, Urtica dioica, Unicaria tomentosa, Agaricus, Royal Agaricus, Echinacea angustifolia, Caterpillar Fungus or Cordyceps, Mazindol, imbecility, drug, renova, Kinerase, wrinkle, Preven, pill, ex-lax, drug, rejuvenal, Zoloft, Prozac, zoloft, Provigil, MODAFINIL, inderal, zyban, no smoking, drug, drug, anadrol, mindscape, drug, herbalv, Ephedra, imitrex, headache, rheumatism, arthritis, drug, organic ecstacy, yohinbe, candida, drug, kouetsugan, e-LONG-ate, satibo)

  • (Chiba) -
    They are propolis goods handling, QRS measurement, Oriental manual therapeutics, herbal medicine sale, and a Chinese medicine pharmacy. Propolis deals with the eucalyptus AREKURIN system from Brazil. I am allowed to carry out preparation also of the mail order.
    (Daito, Propolis, Agarisk, Cancer, anti-Cancer, Lekemia)

  • (Oita) -
    The man of leukemia is saved with his own personal computer. Those who are doing the Internet need to come by WINDOS rapidly. Please suffer from leukemia and come for people.
    (UD, Agent)

  • (Chiba) -

  • (Kyoto) -
    fujimo's home page(expiain cml,diary etc.)
    (cml, leukemia, pbsct, tooth)

  • (Chiba) -
    People's folk-remedies consultation window where medicine medical treatment has been judged to be difficult by the doctor with present age diseases, such as terminal cancer and atopic dermatitis, etc. shinagawa,tokyo,japan
    (Living, thing, mineral, LIE-M3, DOMINIO,, Inc., Cancer, Atopic, dermatitis, Leukemia)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    Don't you participate in development of the curative medicine of leukemia, either? It only registers with your computer by installing a program. Now, U.S. Intel Corp., English Oxford University, etc. are inquiring.
    (upro, team, kedsuka)

  • (Fukuoka) -(2002)
    Department of Internal Medicine specialized in collagen diseases, hematological diseases, diabetes mellitus and endocrine disorders.

  • (Kumamoto) -(2002)
    (cpl, CPL)

  • (Fukushima) -(2001)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    (donor, marrow, hla, volunteer, leukemia, registration, coordinator, recipient, transplant, patient)

  • (Osaka) -(2001)
    How to use 'UD Agent'
    (intel, canser, freeware, freesoft, united, device, CPU, download, member, agent)

  • (Tokyo) -(1999)
    In this home page, we introduce our daily activities to treat hematological malignancies, including leukemia and lymphoma.
    (leukemia, lymphoma, bone, marrow, transplantation, stem, cell, virus, Fas)

  • (Tokyo) -(1998)
    Medical Documents for Open Communication (MEDOC). We volunteers provide useful medical information for Leukemia and Cancer patients & families for free.
    (Medical, Document, Open, Communication, Leukemia, Cancer, Transplant, Translation)

  • (Tokyo) -(1998)
    This web site provides links to internet leukemia information world wide. English-Japanese medical word dictionary is available for the Japanese readers. Survivor stories are also available in Japanese.
    (leukemia, BMT, bone, marrow, transplant, All)

  • (Tokyo) -(1997)
    Japan Marrow Donor Registry Promotion Conference HomePage
    (Bone, marrow bank, Marrow Transplantation, Leukemia, volunteer, donor, blood disease, registry)

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