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{robotics, robotic}

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Word(s): @={robotics, robotic}

/ robot /

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Tompei's Machine Museum showing Tompei's robot, models, illustrations, and many nice pictures of battle vehicles.
    (robot, robotics, model, tank, illustration, museum)

  • (Tokyo) -
    LEGO Mindstorms ROBOLAB makes it possible to create robotic inventions using smart technology, the power of your mind, and your own two hands.
    (present, lego, mindstorms, robotics, robolab, robocup, learning, ris, dacta, mindstorm)

  • (Mie) -
    Electronic music
    (music, Electronic)

  • (Miyagi) -(2002)
    ROBOTEC Contest in Sendai National College of Technology --An education program for robotics, mechatronics and creative accomplishments. This program focuses mechanical design, electronic circuit design, computer control and programming.
    (robot, contest, creative, computer, electronics, robotics, control)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    Entertainment Robot ShowRobo
    (robot, entertainment, event, mytech, performer, robotic, exhibit)

  • (Osaka) -(2002)
    Robotic Surgical Center
    (hospital, zeus, robodoc, stifle, thurl, operation, cardiac, fibroid, Day)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    LEGO-Dacta Learning Center is the inovating classroom using LEGO-Dacta materials.
    (IT, LEGO, Dacta, Learning, robotics, mindstorms, robolab)

  • (Ibaraki) -(2001)
    international workshop on entertainment computing.May 14-17,2002
    (entertainment, movie, game, music, robotics, humanoid, computer_vision, computer_graphics, theme_park)

  • (Ibaraki) -(2001)
    Surgical Assist Technology Group of AIST is dedicated to promote the minimally invasive surgery by enhancing surgeons' eyes, hands and brains with hardware and software. (AIST is National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Japan's biggest governmental research institute.)
    (biomedical, Computer, Assisted, Surgery, minimally, invasive, MRI, endoscope, biomechanics, robotics)

  • (Hyogo) -(2000)
    3-axis in one unit, the accelerometer measures constant acceleration (like gravity) to normal acceleration upto +/-1 or 2G
    (acceleration, tilt, gravity, robotics, GPS, navigation, dynamic, measurement, angle, sensor)

  • (Hyogo) -(2000)
    Explains why the MEMS ring resonator shows superior performance than other vibrating gyroscopes.
    (gyroscope, gyro, yaw-rate, angle, robotics, navigation, dead-reckoning, accelerometer)

  • (Tokyo) -(1999)
    In Kermanshahi Laboratory, many researchers from all over the world are doing research on application of Intelligent Systems (Neural Nets, Genetic Algorithm, etc.) in many areas including Energy Network (Power Systems), Load Forecasting, Robotics, Deregulation, Weather Forecasting, etc.
    (Kermanshahi, Energy, Environment, Intelligence, Deregulation, Robotics, Weather, Forecasting, Neural, Network)

  • (Tokyo) -(1999)
    CEC ROBOTICS INC. sells robot for an industry use. We serve design sales conservativeness of FA system. We develop NC software.
    (Robot, NC, FA, NCstation, software, CAD, CAM)

  • (Tokyo) -(1997)
    Mad Scientist Dr.Shigetto VS Interpol investigators.3DCG Web_Stories,Movies,Comics,and... Dr.Shigetto is The Iron-man Mad Scientist.
    (art, 3dcg, mad, scientist, interpol, technology, robotics, Honda, vehicle, machine)

  • (Tokyo) -(1996)
    Informations about Takara's Transformers and Botcon Japan-the international event of Transformers.
    (Takara, Toy, Transform robot, BotconJapanHomePage, Transformers, Hasbro, RoboticToy, animation, BeastWars)

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