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  • (熊本県) -
    (ゆたちん, カーナビ, ビーコン, kumamoto, , 電波, 熊本, 熊本県内, マップ)

  • (熊本県) -
    (ゆたちん, ゆたか, アコードワゴン, 熊本, カーナビ, ドライブ, ビーコン)

  • (熊本県) -
    (ゆたちん, ゆたか, 3年2組, 熊本, カーナビ, 火星人, ヨーグルト, 納豆)

  • (京都府) -(2001)
    Epitex is a first manufacturer of high power and high speed infrared LED in the world to cover a wide range of wavelength such as 660,680,700,735,750,760,780,810,830,850,870,880nm of double heterostructure that is necessary to be operated at high speed and high power modes just like diodes. These product ranges are supplied in a various kind of housing such as plastic molding,hermeticaly ealing,surface mounting types and assembled devices on PCB substrates. Both of near infrared LEDs and its related Photodiode also can be rovided to cover a wide range from 1050 to 1900nm,respectively. All our products of optodevices and custom designed LEDs and hotodiode are listed up as below for our introduction. 1, High performance single and multi-element LED with the wavelength coverd from 395nm to 1900nm. Among them, the following wavelength are not paralleled; 680 700 735 750 760 780 810 830 850 870 880 910 940 970 1050 1200 1300 1450 1550 1600 1900nm. 2, Wide packaging options,including plastic molding,hermeticaly sealed cans and PCB substrates. 3, Bi-color LEDs for biometric signatures. 4, Multi-wavelength LEDs for medical and analytical equipments. 5, High power infrared LED for safety light curtain and security system. 6, High speed infrared LED for strobe-illuminator incorporated in the licence plate recognition system in Electronic Toll Collection ETC. 7, High speed infrared LED for infrared communication and IrDA. 8, Super bright GaAlAs on GaAs for machine vision illuminator. 9, Super bright series of AlInGaP on GaAs 590 600 610 625 635 645nm 10, Super bright series of InGaN on SiC 395 405 430 460 470 490 505 525nm 11, Naer infrared InGaAsP LED. 12, Near infrared InGaAs photodiode. 13, High speed silicon PIN-photodiode. 14, High sensitive silicon phototransistor. 15, Chip LED of surface mount device type. 16, Chip phototransistor of surface mount device type. 17, High reliability LED to be used in EPAS Electric power-assisted Steering on base of optical torque/position sensor or steering wheel position sensor.
    (発光, 受光, センサー, VICS, ITS, IrDA, ETC, 青色, ダイオード)

  • (神奈川県) -(2001)
    (カーナビ, カーステレオ, セキュリティー, 盗難警報機, スピーカー, dvd, ベンツ, アンプ, etc, volvo)

  • (兵庫県) -(1998)
    (P&G, マックスファクター, パンパース, チアー, プリングルズ, ヴィックス, SK-2, アリエール, パンテーン)

  • (東京都) -(1998)
    (カーナビ取付け, カーナビ, , NAVI, ナビゲーション, vics, gps, ナビゲーションシステム, ビーコン)

  • (千葉県) -(1998)
    アメリカのスペシャリティーカーFORD PROBE GTの紹介、オーナーのためのメンテナンスや整備情報、カーナビの取り付けやブレーキ・キャリパー塗装の情報など。幕張新都心の飲食情報、快適時刻表、画像集など。
    (自動車, 輸入車, クーペ, VICS, 海浜幕張, WBG, ギャラリー)

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