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{2000, 2000th} + {window}

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@1={2000, 2000th}

  • (Aichi) -
    Let's Try! VPN!! Japanese Only!
    (Windows2003, RTA, IPSec, Yamaha, DSL, Windows2000)

  • (Tokyo) (Hyogo) (Akita) (Wakayama) (Shimane) (Miyazaki) (Kagoshima) (Okinawa) -
    Intense of 100000 Yen or less the sight which the note personal computer, intense sells the desk note and the cheap note personal computer cheaply cheaply is introduced, with specifications chart summary of the note personal computer.
    (PC, Hardware, DOS/V, AT, OS, windows, 95, 98, 2000, XP, Mac, Linux, Personal Computer, Note Book, Mobile Note, Desknote, Cusomize, Shopmade, BTO, Combo, RAM, DDR, CPU, Pentium, Athlon, LAN, tune, Spec, Epson, Dell, Compaq, Hitachi, Fujitsu, SOTEC, SHARP, NEC, iiyama, SONY, Mebius, dyna, book, ThinkPad, powerbook, ibook, vaio, Lavie, Versa, VIP, mouse, storm, Price, comparison, Discount, Cheep, estimation, Outlet, Bargain, Special, Akihabara, Shop, Shopping, Online, mail order, Sale, net)

  • (Tokyo) -
    anytime anywhere elearning
    (E-Learning, Network, CCNA, Turbo-CE, Windows2000, Excel, Word, DTP, Linux, training)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Advises for Windows users when buy Windows computer, especially warranty period and system.
    (windows, computer, warranty, period, buy, pay, free, 98, xp, 2000)

  • (Hiroshima) -
    (windows, 2000, XP, .NET, instractor, WEBDESIGN)

  • (Hyogo) -
    RPG GAME and Windows. The setting of the Windows stabilization and the speeding-up.
    (stabilization, speeding, setting)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    The house server made from Windows2000
    (House, server)

  • (Tokyo) -
    Webmail+Groupware for Windows 2000/XP. MultiDomain Support
    (Webmail, Groupware, Windows2000, WindowsXP, NEXT, SOHO)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Let's prove by MOVIE that you can fix the instability of Win98.
    (Win98, freeze, instability, multi-task, blue-screen, system-error, WinXP, Win2000, WinMe, stability)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Let's prove by MOVIE that you can fix the instability of Win98.
    (Win98, freeze, instability, multi-task, blue-screen, system-error, WinXP, Win2000, WinMe, stability)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    I proved by MOVIE that you can fix the instability of Windows98.
    (Win98, freeze, system-error, instability, stability, mother-board, multi-task, blue_screen, Win2000, WinXP)

  • (Kanagawa) -
    Win98 will be Powerfully. Multitask-capacity will be forceful. Win98 will recognize mother-board afresh.
    (Win98, freeze, instability, multi-task, blue-screen, system-error, WinXP, Win2000, WinMe, stability)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    (ActiveDirectory, NIS, Solaris, Windows2000, UNIX, WindowsNT, DC, AD, GC, LDAP)

  • (Hyogo) -(2002)
    Discount PC ONLine Shops Link,Free PC,Discount PC,PC Supply
    (PC, Personal, rental, Used, Computer, Desktop, Notebook, Windows, Me, 98, 2000, XP, Net, Printer, Shop, BTO, ADSL Modem, Price comparison, Discount, Sale, Link, Service, Cheep)

  • (Tokyo) -(2002)
    VAIO chan's page is a fan site of SONY VAIO R60!
    (VAIO, R, SONY, GigaPocket, C1XG, Windows, 2000, DVgate, R60)

  • (Tochigi) -(2002)
    Yutaka Infomartion Technology Solution
    (Yutaka, Infomartion, Technology, Solution, Windows, 95/98/2000/me)

  • -(2002)
    Report of compilation by VC++ and modification of on Windows 2000. Load modules are available.
    (Windows, perl, jcode, VC++, compile)

  • -(2002)
    Room of Makoto Takahashi: How to make utf-8 www page on Windows 98/2000.
    (HTML, utf-8, unicode, windows)

  • -(2002)
    Room of Makoto Takahashi: How to use HTML Lint via CGI on Windows 95/98.
    (HTML, lint, http, CGI, Windows)

  • (Wakayama) -(2001)
    Emulator News on Windows2000
    (emulator, 2000, news, arcade, console, handheld, tool, tamsan, review, emu)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    Win2000 Tech&Tips
    (Windows2000, perl, SSI, GAMES)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    (IT, Software, WEB, Oracle, Windows2000, Linux, Exchange2000, SE/PG)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    ASCII NT Consulting Service
    (Infomation, Technology, Consulting, Consultation, Network, Sendmail, Windows, ASCII, NT)

  • (Tokyo) -(2001)
    MCP License of Microsoft
    (VENDER, License, Network, Server, AATP, Windows2000)

  • (Kanagawa) -(2001)
    Linux Debian Windows2000
    (Linux, Debian, Windows2000)

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    This site introduces the method of customizing desktop for the user of Windows.
    (windows, mac, os, aqua, X, 2000, custmize, desktop)

  • (Fukuoka) -(2000)
    Japanese Only shinez's homepage 3DCGsoftware Maya
    (3d, cg, ware, 2000, homepage, free, software, link, appz, game)

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    Ohta Tokyo Japan
    (WINDOWS, Q&A, FAQ, 98, 2000)

  • (Saitama) -(2000)
    (internet, PC, Word2000, Excel2000, business, skill, price, Windows98, MOUS, school)

  • (Gunma) -(2000)
    Japanese language support computer store in Los Angeles Area. we sell Japanese Windows computer, internet setup, and Japanese Windows installed computer, and services.
    (Japanese, Japan, Windows, Software, nihon, nihongo, sapoto, sofuto, computer, notebook)

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    Sorry,This Site is Japanese Only!!
    (Windows, 98, 95, 2000, Me, Millennium, Trouble, Rescue, Application, FAQ)

  • (Chiba) -(2000)
    No English pages available
    (Magazine, NETWORK, Nikkei)

  • (Tokushima) -(2000)

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    Win2000 Tech&Tips WINDOWS2000 Information
    (WINDOWS2000, Information, Win2000, Tech&Tips, Whistler)

  • (Aichi) -(2000)
    We offer a wide variety of courses from beginner to expert level. Examples include: server management, programming, database management, PC use, etc.
    (UNIX, Windows2000, database, internet, seminar, i-mode, WSH, WEB, CGI, HTML)

  • (Oita) -(2000)
    RAID is speed up system of your HDD!
    (RAID, win2000, Windows2000)

  • (Aichi) -(2000)
    Changeable Home Page
    (free, material, FLASH, BBS, Dreamecast)

  • (Osaka) -(2000)
    about configration of windows 2000 (japanese only)

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    (SOHO, Server, Windows, 2000, 95, 98, NT, Solaris, FreeBSD, Linux)

  • (Kyoto) -(2000)
    Personal Computer Education For Windows At kyoto,Japan.
    (Windows2000, WORD2000, EXCEL2000, VBA, HP, MTC, SystemAdministrators, Windows98)

  • (Chiba) -(2000)
    Windows 2000

  • (Tokyo) -(2000)
    WindowsApprication,Web site build,support
    (WindowsApprication, Web, site)

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